Top 10 Best Moments from Hush (S4:E:10)

(Some moments may be grouped together into one.)

1. The super funny moments during the projection scene. Between Giles’ drawings, Buffy’s pantomiming, Anya’s popcorn, and Willow’s cuteness, there is much to laugh about!


2. Willow and Tara moving the vending machine. Hello, powerful witches!! These two are pure magic together. Totally unexpected, and one of the most amazing moments of Season 4. Period.


3. Every single thing The Gentlemen do. Oh my gosh. When they float down the street I just get the worst chills! Not to mention when they cut that poor kid’s heart out, and he can’t even scream. I don’t think it can get worse. Those wierdo things with all the bandages are absolutely terrifying as well.


4. Buffy and Riley finding out they are both more than what they seem.


5. Xander thinking Spike killed Anya. This is just comedic perfection. One of the many moments of comedy gold in this episode.


6.  Willow and Tara Wicca group: INSTANT CONNECTION


7. The Gentlemen’s heads exploding. Literally mind blowing.


8. Buffy trying to call Xander. This is great because if this really happened, we would all try to do this.


9.  Buffy and Riley able to say so much when they are forcibly silent, yet can’t say anything when they are freely able to speak.


10. Willow: “I’m definitely nothing special.”
Tara: “No, you are.”



Honorable Mentions: Olivia looking out the window only to have one of The Gentlemen pop up in her face (I really thought they were going to go after her), and Willow’s pajamas.

11 12

Did I miss any moments you feel should be on the list? How about just telling me what you personally liked about Hush? Comment below!!


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2 Responses to Top 10 Best Moments from Hush (S4:E:10)

  1. Tam says:

    I’m in total agreement about all of those moments- especially number 9! The first time I ever saw the episode ‘Hush’ I was so freaked out! Your blog is great by the way


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