My Brother REALLY Doesn’t Like Dawn…

My brother, who is 16 years old, despises Dawn. Like, he laughs when she gets scratched by the haunted house spirity stuff in Conversations With Dead People. Personally, I hate Dawn in Season 5, love her in Season 6, and am neutral about her in Season 7. But, me being me, last Christmas I decided to frame a picture of Michelle Trachtenberg and fake sign it, then wrapped it and went in to his room Christmas Eve. I built it up like it was some cool present, and he was really excited. When he opened it to reveal it’s true contents, Michelle’s shining face, well…this was his reaction:



He became really angry and threatened to throw it out the window. I convinced him not to, because I thought it’d be funny if he kept it. So he did, and today, I found the picture in his room like this: 


Damn. He really doesn’t like her.


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