Top 10 Characters I’d Like to Have a Drink With

1. Spike. This one should be obvious. He’s funny and attractive, first of all. I bet he would have amazing stories to tell, seeing as how he was sired in 1880. I wouldn’t have to worry about how gross I would look stuffing my face with hot wings because he’d be doing the same thing. We would probably play some pool, and hang out by the bar the rest of the night.
What would we drink? Nothing fancy. Beer and whiskey would be the alcohol of choice.
Where would we go? Definitely a local bar, somewhere low profile.


2. Faith. FAITH IS AMAZING. I’d go out with Faith if I was in the mood to go bar hopping. I think she’ be down for whatever as long as there is good music, because there will be dancing involved. There’d be lots to talk about because Faith is super chill. And you would get to hear her say 5 x 5 a lot, which is a major plus. I feel like she’d also indulge in some fried food so it wouldn’t be awkward if I was stuffing my face with cheese fries. We wouldn’t have to pay for anything because of Faith’s philosophy, Want, Take, Have.
What would we drink? Straight shots of vodka.
Where would we go? Every where in the neighborhood.


3. Xander. Xander is super funny and entertaining. We would trade wry jokes and laugh at each other’s juvenile humor. He’d also pay for me because he’s really nice.
What would we drink? Most likely beer.
Where would we go? Someplace local, but we’d sit in a booth because it’s more comfortable.


4. Willow. Willow would be very funny tipsy. All you’d have to do is ask a few leading questions and she would babble for hours. Highly entertaining, and she could probably do some magic and make the drinks light on fire or something cool.
What would we drink? Strawberry Daquiris. Also Gin and Tonics.
Where would we go? Someplace clean. Not exactly upscale but trendy yet comfortable.


5. Tara. No. Seriously.Tara would be fun to drink with because she wouldn’t want to go anywhere. Instead, she’d make a ton of kick ass appetizers and we’d chill in her cool dorm room. I’d buy the liquor and Tara would make cool drinks like Vanilla Chai Vodkas, and Black Swans. Then we’d watch old movies.  Jeez, this sounds so fun I probably actually should have made her number one.


6. Cordelia. I could totally sit back with Cordelia and make fun of everyone in the bar. We would have a bitch session about everyone and everything. We’d deny everyone who offered to buy us a drink because we are too good for them.
Where would we go? A chic martini bar
What would we drink? Apple Martinis


7. Buffy. Buffy and I would go sit in a park at night and drink Mike’s Hard Lemonades, because Buffy can’t take hard liquor. She’d vent about all her troubles and I would gladly listen. Then we would make puns, and eat cookies. Willow would join us because she loves lemonade.


8. Angel. Angel wouldn’t say much, but he doesn’t have to. I would just ask him to lurk in the shadows of the bar and watch me as I sipped my White Russian. Then I would feel cool like I had a forbidden lover.
What would we drink? I’d drink a White Russian, but if he did eventually sit down he probably wouldn’t order anything. Too cheap.
Where would we go? A crappy, Bronze-ish bar/club.


9. Joyce. Joyce is pretty much a boss. I’m sure she needs to vent about her life as the parent of a Slayer to someone, so I would be that person. She probably has stories about the gallery too. We would drink wine as we cooked dinner, and then afterwards switch to schnapps.


10. Kennedy. I’d go to a really nice bar that I’ve always wanted to go to with Kennedy. The drinks would be SUPER expensive. I would order a couple, excuse myself to go to the bathroom, and never come back, leaving her to foot the bill.


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2 Responses to Top 10 Characters I’d Like to Have a Drink With

  1. Ellaine says:

    I love this list! Totally agree


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