Top 10 Overlooked Willow and Tara Moments

We’re all aware of the many great moments Willow and Tara shared, from the instant connection in “Hush” to the dance at the end of “Family”, with many in between. But those are for a different, all encompassing W/T Top 10 list. This list is here to shed some light on those subtle little Willow and Tara moments that I love. In a ship that’s all about reading between the lines and small gestures (thanks, network TV execs), these are the moments that made me fall even harder for our beloved Willow and Tara.


1. Willow mouthing “I love you” to Tara in “The Body.” This one hardly needs explanation. It’s so real, and so heartbreaking. They way Tara instantly holds Willow’s hands is touching. It’s like a stolen moment between the two; Tara is Willow’s rock. STRONG LIKE AN AMAZON.





2. Tara making sure Willow gets through the door first in “Hush.” They hardly even know each other yet, but Tara is automatically protective of Willow, worrying about getting her to safety first rather than herself. Let me remind you. BEFORE THEY EVEN REALLY KNEW EACH OTHER. Oz who?



3. Willow getting so happy when Tara lets her help her with Anya’s dress in “Hell’s Bell’s.” Willow and Tara are broken up at this point, so it makes it all the more sweeter to see that they are still both clearly into each other. Willow sneaking glances up at Tara is probably the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

3 4 5

4. The kiss on the stairs at The Bronze in “All the Way.” Yes, they are about to have a fight. BUT. This quick little kiss on the stairs almost cancels that out.



5. Tara instantly showing concern for Willow after during “Something to Sing About” in OMWF. Even though Tara is extremely upset about Willow attempting to erase her memory, she instantly drops all of it when Buffy reveals she was in heaven, causing Willow extreme distress. The look of utter concern on Tara’s face says it all. SOUL MATES!!

7 8


6. Willow laughing about Tara’s insect reflection joke in “Family.” Can you guys stop being so cute? Tara is so happy to tell her the joke, it’s just perfect.



7. Willow giving Tara a quarter in “Crush.” Always looking out for one another <3.



8. The smile Tara gives Willow in “The I in Team.” Be still, my heart! Tara is just SO happy to see her. It doesn’t get better than this.



9. Willow snuggling closer to Tara under the stars in “Listening to Fear.” The feels will never, ever stop.



10. Willow getting nervous around Tara in “Tabula Rasa.” Even with their identities gone and their memories erased, they STILL HAVE AN AMAZING CONNECTION.



And there you have it, guys! Hope you –



Okay. One more.

Hope you enjoyed the list! If you have any little Tara/Willow moments that you loved, comment below!


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