Top 10 Villains

  1. Angelus: Angelus was the greatest villain because he was the closest to Buffy. I mean, come on…she was in love with the guy, and then, after his “moment of happiness”, HE TURNS INTO A MURDEROUS BASTARD AND TERRORIZES HER FRIENDS! He killed Willow’s fish, he killed JENNY FREAKING CALENDER, and he was generally very menacing and fucked in the head. Seriously, the shit he pulled in “Passion” is sick. He is disgusting to Buffy, and completely obsessed with her in a totally new, creepy way. Plus, the Buffy and Angel sword fight is amazing. Angelus is the ultimate Buffy villain: he makes you remember that it’s those close to you that can hurt you the most
  2. Glory: Glory. What a crazy son of a bitch. I loved Glory because she’s funny as hell, and hello, she’s a super powerful Hell God. She can kick Buffy’s ass. She brought out many sides of our beloved Scoobies: We got to see the wrath of Willow, the strength and self-sacrificing nature of Tara, and the lengths of Spike’s devotion to Buffy. And of course, we got to see how much Buffy truly cared about her sister and the world she was tasked with protecting. Glory’s shitfest allowed us to see all these amazing sides of the characters, and I love her for it.
  3. Faith and the Mayor: Faith brings such an interesting dynamic to the show. I have always felt bad for her because I knew she didn’t have a chance in Sunnydale the minute she showed up. Buffy was always threatened by her crazy charisma. And they gave Faith WAY too much shit about killing that guy by accident. I mean, come on. It’s bound to happen. Anyway, Faith, who already came into this game with some emotional issues, is driven out of the circle she wished to be apart of and becomes the ultimate adversary to Buffy. I have heard people say that The Trio were great because they continued Buffy’s theme of social outcasts but I think that this all started with Faith. She was a fragile person, on the outside looking in, and was offered friendship and guardianship from the Mayor, something the Scoobies and Giles could have given her but didn’t. Thus, Faith switches sides and gives Buffy a run for her damn money. I’m not going to talk about the Mayor because he only got cool when he partnered with Faith. I don’t really have anything to say about him besides it was disgusting when he ate those creatures from that box thing. Ugh.
  4. Dark Willow: EVERYONE BOW DOWN TO THIS BAD ASS BITCH. I love Dark Willow so much. She is uber powerful, and Warren so deserved to get skinned. Call me a bad person for saying this, but I think Andrew deserved to die too. He is a sheep and obviously didn’t care that Warren killed Tara and shot Buffy, he only cared about saving his own skin. Stfu. Anyway, I love vengeful Willow because she does not take any shit. She’s seething angry. The love of her life was ripped away from her because of a sick misogynistic asshole. People always say that Dark Willow was a long time coming because of Willow’s addictive personality or whatever, but I always saw Willow as deeply passionate and kind. She was with Tara because Tara had these same qualities. When Warren ended her precious life, Willow embodied the utter grief and hatred felt in a moment like that and released her unbridled anger to the world. She doesn’t care that it’s not right or fair. All she knows is that her soul mate, who was nothing but innocent and sweet, was no longer on the earth and someone needed to pay. The fact that she contemplated ending the world because she felt everyone’s sadness also serves to show that even though Willow is dark in that moment, she still has that underlying need to help people and end their suffering. Though mass destruction isn’t the way, but you get what she was trying to do. Let’s also not forget the fact that Dark Willow completely wiped the floor with Buffy and Giles’ asses. And made fun of Dawn. And that scream of hers in the prison cell? Awesome.
  5. The Trio: I hate them all so much. I seriously hate them. But I get why they were there. I get that they are supposed to represent the whole “Season 6’s Big Bad is life itself” vibe. These fucking asshole nerds are the ones that end up killing one of the Scoobies, and the stark reality of it all is devastating. These guys were lonely losers, and their personal loathing and fear manifested into a monster much bigger than all three of them. Jonathan was the most innocent in all of their crap, but Warren? Warren was truly evil.
  6. Spike and Drusilla. Season 2: These guys were SUCH a breath of fresh air on the show. Drusilla is delightfully crazy. Spike is charming and funny. Together they are an unhinged couple that are a joy to watch. They are number six mostly because Spike killed the Anointed One.
  7. The Master: This guy and his fruit punch mouth. He was so freaking creepy and smelly looking and was such a nasty pervert to Buffy in Prophecy Girl. He killed Buffy so I guess he’s a pretty good villain. His whole plot was still dumb though.
  8. Maggie Walsh and Adam: Maggie Walsh is included because she was scarier than Adam. Adam was kind of really stupid, they are number 8 because it was fun watching Buffy rip out his power center thingy.
  9. The First: Caleb isn’t getting a mention because he sucks. The First was only genuinely scary at the end of Conversations with Dead People. Otherwise the concept ended up stupid. The Uber Vampires sucked. They should have done more with the scary ghost monster looking thing.
  10. Zachary Kralik: Okay this guy legitimately scared the living crap out of me. HE HAD PICTURES OF JOYCE IN A CREEPY ROOM. He was an insane molester murderer and at that point in time a honest to God threat to Buffy. Scary Scary Scary.

Honorable mentions: Malcom (Moloch Demon from Season 1, “I Robot, You Jane”) for his hot love affair with Willow, and Kennedy, who is a villain because she is a pushy brat equivalent to a poop stain on the Buffyverse.


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