Buffy Brawl: Team Edition: Buffy and Spike VS Faith and Angel


new brawl

Contending Team Number One: Buffy and Spike
Buffy: Slayers powers plus years of training and discipline. Technique and imagination will give Buffy an edge, as will her perseverance and level head.

Spike: With two murdered Slayers under his belt, Spike comes into this battle with experience on his side. Paired with his vampire strength, speed and armed/unarmed combat skills, he makes for a dangerous opponent.

Contender Team Number Two: Faith and Angel 
Faith: Faith fights with a more primitive and wild style. She may be hard for Buffy and Spike to anticipate, especially in the heat of the battle. Her unpredictable style and Slayer powers may best Buffy and Spike this time.

Angel: Vampire powers and skilled fighting techniques will makes Angel hard to beat. Where Spike is fast, Angel is strong, stealthy, and has a dark side that may make him hard to beat.

All fights will take place in the Magic Box: It offers a pretty solid advantage to everyone; the place is full of potential weapons and magic goods that could come in to play, depending on how smart/resourceful the individual is.

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One Response to Buffy Brawl: Team Edition: Buffy and Spike VS Faith and Angel

  1. lovekyle2029 says:

    Faith and Angel!!! They got this hands down!


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