You Know You’re Obsessed With Buffy When…

There are casual fans, and then there are die-hard fanatics. For those in the latter category, you’ll find yourself nodding your head along to this list.


You Know You’re Obsessed With Buffy When…

…you’ve integrated Buffyisms and Buffy Speak into your everyday language. You are known to say things like, “totally wigged”, “bored now”, “five by five” 
and “morbid much?” among many others. You also tend to add “-age”, “-ness”, or “-y” to the end of words that really don’t need the extra pizzazz, but at this point, you can’t even help it, right?

Winona Bored Now

…you’ve developed an addiction to mochas and you blame it entirely on the Scooby Gang.

…you appreciate the art of punning…and may even be a regular pun machine yourself.

tumblr_mi0b9el92R1qe5udso3_250 tumblr_mi0b9el92R1qe5udso4_r1_250

…you find yourself relating everyday objects to Buffy somehow, like the following:


…songs from Once More With Feeling, or better yet, the entire album, appear under the “most played” category in your music library.

…you sometimes do really dumb things like order your food at a restaurant under the name of one of your favorite characters just to hear them say the name over the speaker:


Yes, I ordered my sandwich at Panera Bread under the name Tara. Guilty as charged.

…you latch onto one or more of the actor/actresses from the show, and proceed to watch their entire filmography.

…a former cast member wins an award, and you feel inexplicably happy, as if it’s some kind of victory not only for the star, but for you and the fandom. I’ll let the following responses from Tumblr validate this one, from when Sarah Michelle Gellar won her People’s Choice Award this past year:

Screenshot 2014-04-07 20.54.13

Tumblr users: outforawalk-bitch and ne0lution

Screenshot 2014-04-07 20.53.58

Tumblr user: bynomeansimpervious

Keep in mind that the Buffy shout-out was a complete surprise! Personally, I was just excited that she won, but that speech was the icing on the cake.

…Buffy alumni interact, and it has the potential to make your entire day, or week. Observe:


Fan reaction:


…you have to stop yourself (sometimes to no avail) from finishing other people’s sentences with lyrics from OMWF.

Person: It’s do or die.

You: HEY I’VE DIED TWICE find yourself comparing other television shows to the Golden Buffy Standard, and tend to find most shows not written by Whedon to be somewhat lacking. He spoils us, I tell you.

…you’ve done this in the mirror before:


…you’ve created headcanons for characters. Example:

Willow, Xander and Buffy liked to watch horror movies to make fun of how unrealistic they were.

…you have named one of your pets after a character on the show.

…cookie dough, fruit punch, and cheese all have a special meaning to you.


…you’ve written about, or somehow included, some aspect of Buffy the Vampire Slayer into school assignments or essays.

…you can’t look at school buses the same after seeing “Chosen.”


…you’ve been inspired to try martial arts in the hopes that you can kick ass like Buffy and Faith.


…you may have considered dabbling in witchcraft because of Willow and Tara.


…you plan on visiting the shooting locations one day.

…you have an appreciation for the way Faith says “Spartan.” (See end of Revelations in Season 3)

…you’re forever in denial of character deaths.

45ze Screenshot 2014-04-08 10.42.05


Oh my gosh great episode!

…”Goodbye To You” is 10 times more sad for you than the casual listener.

…you’ve bought an item of clothing/jewelry because it reminded you of styles on Buffy. (Leather jacket, fuzzy sweater, Claddagh ring, etc.)

…songs like “Full of Grace” and “Wild Horses” hold a place in your heart, and can quite possibly make you tear up on the spot.

…you can tell what season of Buffy it is based off of her hair.


Definitely Season 3.


Hello SEASON 4


That must be season 6

…you’ve tried your damn hardest to convert your friends and family into fans.



…you get excited over Buffyverse important dates, like Buffy’s birthday.


I made cookie dough cupcakes and had fruit punch. Can you say OVERKILL?

…you have spent a shameful amount of money on Buffy goods at one point or another.

Screenshot 2014-04-08 11.00.03

Do I REALLY need a Buffy spiritual guide?


…you watch things that co-star Buffy alumni and you freak out inside, feeling like you’re in on some secret.


Clare Kramer and Eliza Dushku in Bring It On?!




Kali Rocha and Emma Caulfield in TiMER?!



And that folks, is my list thus far. Comment below if you have any more to add!



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4 Responses to You Know You’re Obsessed With Buffy When…

  1. Willow Targaryen says:

    I’ve done almost everyone of these things. If I ever have a daughter I plan to name her Charisma. And I’m gonna have to start ordering food under Buffy character names! Thanks for the idea!


  2. Eloise says:

    I think every one of these is relevant to me (also not on Twitter or in the US), haha.


  3. I do 15 of these, and I’m not even on Twitter – or from the US.


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