Buffy Stars in Awkward Poses #5: James Marsters

Oh James. We are well aware that you are extremely good looking. But even the finest looking person in the universe can look, shall we say, not so fine in the hands of a photographer with a vision. And by vision I mean a deep desire to put someone in a horribly weird or awkward pose. FYI: It’s not art. It’s just awkward. Let’s get started.



The thing that bothers me here is the jacket that looks like my grandmother’s area rug. Except this jacket is an uglier color. The beckoning is also very creepy. No James, I don’t want to sit with you on that nasty old couch.



Why is he fondling the tassel on the handlebar? Why did the photographer tell him to fondle the tassel on the handlebar? WHY IS THERE A TASSEL ON THE HANDLEBAR?



Not too sure if the sun was in his eyes causing him to squint, or if that pained/overly intense expression was planned. I asked Britney Spears what she thought but she just gave me the same expression:





This just reminds of a small child that just pooped his pants and is proud of it.


…yep just pooped.




Awkward behind the head neck grab in grandpa sweater. The fact that this was (apparently) featured on CoolMensHair.com is also funny as hell.



Photographer: Wear these leather pants and casually drape your hand over your dick. And smile like you enjoy it.




My belt buckle is poppin’, my belt buckle is cool.



This outfit alone is already a recipe for disaster, but add the weird camera angle and stance and this is a definite crapfest of fail.



Bad boy standing on his mother’s furniture pose. Complete with the (leopard?) see-through shirt. WHYYYY







Or maybe STOP…in the name of love?



Yeah I don’t know.

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7 Responses to Buffy Stars in Awkward Poses #5: James Marsters

  1. flootzavut says:

    Crying with laughter! The photos are a festival of fail, but it was the captions that finished me off!


  2. Lara says:

    He was clearly saying “talk to the hand!”


  3. cil_domney says:

    Nice – and your featured as your start the series of photos that I have always hated – that snake skin jacket and come-on-in pose is totally dumb and creepy.


  4. Nakodka1975 says:

    Вы все идиоты! Джеймс прекрасно выглядит! А у вас – комплексы!!!!!


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