What Would Buffy Drink? A list of Buffy characters and their corresponding sodas

This is my idea of fun.




Buffy Summers: Buffy would definitely drink Cherry Coke. Regular Coke is too boring for Buffy, so she enjoys the twist of cherry.



Faith Lehane: And since Buffy drinks Cherry Coke, that, of course, means that Faith would drink Cherry Pepsi. WILD Cherry Pepsi, that is. Because hey, Faith’s wild. And Pepsi (Faith) is constantly in a war with Coke (Buffy) even though they are both good in their own respect. Add in the fact that Coke usually dominates Pepsi in sales and the relationship between these two sodas perfectly parallels Buffy and Faith.



Xander Harris: I can’t see him as anything but a Mountain Dew drinker. I grappled with regular Dew vs. Code Red but ultimately decided that regular MD wins because Xander can pair it with his Doritos AND he would appreciate the various MD slogans such as “Do the Dew” and “Dew it to it.”



Joyce Summers: This just fits. Don’t ask how, it just does.



Dawn Summers: It’s high in sugar and sweet as hell, so basically perfect for teeny bopper Dawny.

final4Oz: I know the Mr. Pibb name has been changed to “Pibb Xtreme” in the past couple years, but the name Mr. Pibb is totally more Oz-ish so I’m just going with it. This is like the weird soda that you can’t really describe, but it’s inherently cool. Also, it’s main competitor is…

Dr. Pepper.

final11Tara Maclay: Dr. Pepper would be Ms. Macaly’s drink of choice. And I didn’t just choose Dr. Pepper because of the Oz/Mr. Pibb parallel. That just happened to work out. I chose it for her because I read a fan fiction piece once where Willow and Tara were having a pizza and movie night, and Tara drank Dr. Pepper. For some reason I thought it fit very well. You’d think Tara would drink Brisk Iced Tea or Ginger Ale or something, but no. She drinks Dr. Pepper.



Rupert Giles: On the rare occasion when Giles doesn’t have a cup of tea in hand, he has a CAN OF VIMTO. Theoretically. It originated in England, and it’s seriously so good. Ripped straight from Wikipedia, this soda contains the juices of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants, flavored with herbs and spices. Basically sophisticated, classy, and chock full of delicious flavors you don’t usually find in American soft drinks. Therefore, Giles.



Angel: Angel rarely drinks soda, but when he does, it’s Coke zero. Mainly because he likes the black can but also because he isn’t a fan of calories.

finalAnya Jenkins: I just know Anya would choose Root Beer as her choice carbonated beverage. This is another one I don’t really have an explanation for. It just is.

final6Cordelia Chase: Coke is popular and so is Cordelia. Also, imagine Cordelia with her sunglasses on, cruising around Sunnydale in her awesome car (with the Queen C license plate), sipping an ice cold Coke. Perfect!



Willow Rosenberg: 7up is far too crisp, Sierra Mist tastes like chemicals, but Sprite is perfect. A little bit of tart and a little bit of sweet, plus tons of lime/lemony goodness that Willow would find refreshing. It’s also caffeine free, which is good because Willow + caffeine=hyper


Spike: Spike would drink—


Yeah Spike just drinks beer. Spike_beer_openmic_a31








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