The Best of Buffy on Facebook #1: Buffy: The Fan Experience

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One may think that running this blog, acting as on admin on What Would Buffy Do?, running a Tumblr and Facebook page for The Cynical Slayer, and almost daily re-watches of Buffy would be enough Slayer goodness for me. But as all fans know, you can never have enough Buffy. That being said, I count on a number of Facebook fan pages to provide me with my daily dosage of Buffyverse goodness. Running a Facebook fan page is no small feat, and there are so many quality Buffy ones out there that I want to share with my followers. These posts are dedicated to giving you information about the page administrators, the content that the page entails, and how to follow the page.

Today’s first ever installment of The Best of Buffy on Facebook is:

Buffy: The Fan Experience



What They’re All About

There are many BTVS fan pages that stick to posting screencaps and asking fan opinions, which is awesome. But the admins at Buffy: The Fan Experience, Trista and Liliana, go above and beyond. They live up to the name of the page, keeping fans updated with cast member career news, comic issue release dates, reviews, expo and convention appearances, and so much more. Really. I can’t oversell this page enough.

Trista and Liliana consistently dig up the best of Buffy from the web, sharing lists, articles and pictures old and new galore. They keep the page fresh and fans engaged. I honestly think they might be magical…they get the inside scoop on all kinds of Buffyverse stuff before the general public knows. Or maybe they are just super fast and efficient. Either way, if you’re depending on this page for new Buffy content from around the ‘net, you are definitely in good hands.

Something that I’d like to highlight in particular is the meticulous attention Trista and Liliana pay to the lives and careers of the BTVS cast/crew. The page is very unique in that respect, as I always feel I’m in the know about my beloved Buffy stars due to the frequent updates the page provides.

Buffy: The Fan Experience also does a great job of utilizing different aspects of social media. There are many cast/crew members that have have various social media accounts, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. This page strives to share the most note-worthy updates from those accounts all in one place. As someone who doesn’t have a Twitter, I count on Buffy: The Fan Experience to bring me the best of the Buffy alumni, whether it be a BTVS shout-out from SMG or a quote from Clare Kramer. They’ve got it all!

This page is also wonderful with updates on conventions and expo appearances that Whedonverse alumni are lined up for. Notice I said Whedonverse and not Buffyverse. This is because Buffy: The Fan Experience doesn’t shy away from featuring strictly BTVS content; anything Whedon-y is fair game, whether it be Angel, Firefly,  or anything in between. The diversity in the Whedon projects covered only serves to make the page more well-rounded.

All in all, if you’re a fan of great fan interaction, kind admins, hot-off-the-press Buffy content and news, and thorough updates on the cast and their careers/appearances, this is the page to like. You will never be disappointed. Only infinitely informed and entertained. 🙂

Meet the Admins, Trista and Liliana

First up is Trista (T). N is for Noelle, aka me. 

N: What is your favorite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

T: Geez! There are so many amazing episodes scattered through the series. Of course I have a soft spot for episodes like Once More, with Feeling and Hush, but my number one will always be Restless. I know it falls short on the radar as far as many of the A list episodes, but the layers, the symbolism, every second from the beginning recalls past episodes or foreshadows things to come, which I find absolutely fascinating.

I have to agree with Trista. Restless is definitely up there in my top five episodes.

I wholeheartedly agree with Trista. Restless is a fascinating episode.

N: Who is your favorite character?

T: Tara will always be my favorite character. I identify with her. I’ve been the shy stuttering one, and I’ve been the one that realizes her independence from the overbearing people in my life. The thing that I love most about Tara is that she loves and understands far better than most of the other Scoobies. For the span of time that she was in season 6, she’d really become a staple in the show. A much needed element since the death of Joyce to serve as a guiding hand, which I believe is a large reason why she also fit so well as the voice of Sineya in Restless. Amber Benson is also a sweetheart in real life. One of the best people you could ever hope to meet, so the character has a pretty bossin’ actress going for her too.


N: Who is your favorite actor/actress outside of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

T: Outside of Buffy…There’s life outside of Buffy???? I love Ksenia Solo from Lost Girl as an actress, Angelina Jolie, Chyler Leigh from Grey’s Anatomy, and Cole Williams from Race You to the Bottom (which co-stars Amber Benson).

From left: Ksenia Solo, Angelina Jolie, Chyler Leigh, Cole Williams

From left: Ksenia Solo, Angelina Jolie, Chyler Leigh, Cole Williams

N: What shows. books and films do you watch outside of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

T: Another outside of the Buffyverse question. Well, as I already mentioned, I love Lost Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and Big Brother. King of the Hill will always be both my favorite book and movie. I fell in love with the book first. I also love anything by L. Frank Baum. I LOVE the fantasy reading genre. Anything about dragons I will read, as long as it isn’t crap, because…well…DRAGONS! Plus, the comic books. Gotta love the comic books!

N: What inspired you to start the page?

T: The page was actually the brainchild of Liliana. I just came on board to throw my two cents in every now and then, but it’s been a fun ride so far!

N: What makes your page unique?

T: I think our page is unique because it doesn’t just focus ON Buffy. Liliana is amazing at incorporating the old pics and showing related things that the fans love and adore, and also posting updates as to who is doing what now. So many people lose track of the actors after a show ends, and I think she’s really done a great job with keeping the fans in the know.

N: Why do you think BTVS has withstood the test of time?

T: Buffy, to me will always stand the test of time. It’s huge on every continent. Not just one. The scripting alone is well written, and has yielded to the show being one of the most quoted of all time. Plus, the fact that they used demons to symbolize the real life scary stuff is pure gold. It has substance that television lacks now in the mass of reality TV shows and piss poor writing.


Next up is Liliana (L).

N: What is your favorite episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

L: There are so many wonderful episodes but my favorites would have to be Once More, with Feeling, Hush and The Body. You can check out my Buffy review on my blog that I wrote, along with Trista, which goes into detail about these episodes and why I like them.(Check out the awesome review here)

N: Who is your favorite character?

L: Tara has always been my favorite character since she first appeared in season four’s episode Hush, which, as previously stated, happens to be one of my favorite episodes. Her shyness just reminded me so much of myself and I immediately related to her. I loved her character progression and growth throughout the three seasons she was on the show. Damn you, Joss, for killing her off!!

Yes Joss...DAMN YOU


N: Who is your favorite actor/actress outside of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

L: Outside of Buffy? Hmm… Lucy Lawless would definitely be one of my favorite actresses. I absolutely love her portrayal of Xena, who like Buffy, was a strong female lead character. Angelina Jolie is another one of my favorites as well as Kate Beckinsale from the Underworld movies. Actor wise I love Johnny Depp and Karl Urban.


From left: Lucy Lawless, Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Karl Urban, and Johnny Depp

N: What shows. books and films do you watch outside of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

L: Trista has got me hooked on Lost Girl and Grey’s Anatomy. I love anything in the SciFi and Fantasy genre, as long as it’s not bad, that goes for both books and films. Give me a book by Amber Benson and I’m a happy camper. Yeah, I know you said besides Buffy, but come on…it’s Amber Benson. 🙂


Lost Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, and Amber Benson with one of her books. FYI: Anything Amber writes is golden so you should probably go read everything she’s ever written right now.

N: What inspired you to start the page?

L: There are so many Buffy pages out there and they all just seemed the same to me. I wanted to create a unique page where the fans can freely speak their minds and geek out over the show. To elaborate on that, I once made a comment from my personal page on another Buffy page and received backlash from someone who is not a fan of the show. Needless to say, it made me really upset. I felt like I couldn’t express my opinions without someone saying something negative about it. That’s when I decided to make my own fan page. A page where I could post whatever I wanted without having to worry about backlash from non-Buffy fans. I first created the page as a means for the fans to share their own thoughts about the show as well as their encounters with the actors from the show. Where they can post pictures they have taken with these actors and about their experiences meeting them. Hence the name – The Fan Experience. It has since then grown to so much more than I expected. Side note, I decided that I wanted to bring Trista on as a page administrator. Who better to have as an admin on a Buffy page other than The Buffy Master herself? Ask her anything. I dare you.

N: What makes your page unique?

L: Most pages tend to focus exclusively on the show with memes and screen shots. What makes ours unique is that not only do I post about the old but I also post about the new. What I mean is that I love to keep the fans up to date on what’s currently happening with the actors/actresses within the Whedonverse, not just Buffy. I also post about various conventions where the fans can meet their favorite actors/actresses from the show and also any signings as well as other events. If I know about a new movie that has Buffy actors in it, I will inform the fans of it. I like to keep things new and up to date and I find that a lot fans really like that as well.

N: Why do you think BTVS has withstood the test of time?

L: There is no other show out there like Buffy and most likely never will be. It is one of the most loved shows ever to air. The writing was brilliant. I think the casting was spot on. Fans are able to relate to the characters as well as the topics covered. People all over the world love the show and even now, after eleven years of being off the air, people continue to discover it.


Couldn’t have said it better.

And there you have it, folks. A little bit of insight into one of the best Buffy fan pages on Facebook. A big thank you goes out to Trista and Liliana for taking the time to answer my questions. I’d also like to personally thank them on behalf of all fans of the page for providing us with consistently great content. You guys rock! 🙂

Be sure to follow Buffy: The Fan Experience:

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