Top 10 Best Songs in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I am not including any songs from Once More, With Feeling or any musical scores.


10.  Chinese Burn by Curve (3×14)

Epic song for an epic scene. Fuffy Forever.


9. Sugar Water by Cibo Matto (2×1)

Half the reason why “When She Was Bad” is such a great episode is because of the tone setting music from Cibo Matto. It’s weird. It’s different. It’s unexpected…which equals totally awesome. Just edgy enough for this infamous scene.


8. Out of This  World by Bush (6×13)

A gritty, emotionally resonant song that packs even more of a punch when viewing the scene it’s played in. It manages to convey the feelings of conflict, pain and longing when Buffy stops right outside the door of Spike’s crypt at night, only to be gone when he opens the door.


7. It Doesn’t Matter by Alison Krauss and Union Station (2×01)

This song perfectly mirrors Buffy’s fragile, broken and lonely state when she returns in season 2.


6. That Kind of Love by Alison Krauss (6×18)

“That Kind of Love” captures the heart ache of love that Buffy, Spike, Anya, and Xander are going through, and the tender, fragile notes of love as Willow and Tara repair their relationship.


5. Wild Horses by The Sundays (3×20)

One of the most beloved tracks from the show, this song is an instant Buffy classic. Even the coldest of hearts can be warmed by the acoustics strumming as Angel and Buffy dance at the prom, a rare moment of normalcy and happiness in her chaotic life.


4. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off  You by Melanie Doane (5×6)

WILLOW AND TARA’S SONG. Enough said. Sweet, simple, and beautiful.


3. Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch (6×8)

Grab your box of tissues. This stripped down version of “Goodbye to You” is Michelle Branch at her rawest and realest, which is fitting since the end of “Tabula Rasa” devastatingly emotional.



2. Blue by Angie Hart (7×7)

Haunting and with a hint of melancholy, this tune seems tailor made for the episode, as we visit each of the characters (except for Spike) that will  feature. Fun fact: Angie Hart wrote the song with Joss Whedon.


1. Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan (2×22)

In an episode that already leaves you a complete wreck, “Full of Grace” manages to bring about a fresh round of tears as poor Buffy leaves Sunnydale after a shit storm of a season.



Runners up:

It’s Only Love by Heather Nova (7×20)

Never an Easy Way by Morcheeba (2×17)

Sugar Water by Cibo Matto (2×01)


Did I miss any that you feel deserve a spot in the Top 10? Hit the comments below! 



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7 Responses to Top 10 Best Songs in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  1. What about Bif Naked – we are the lucky ones? 😦


  2. Eryn says:

    You put “Sugar Water” in the runners-up, but it was part of the main list.


  3. Christian says:

    T.H.C – OverFire and Louie Says – She

    I would have to say those two was one of the best songs in Buffy


  4. Will says:

    Nice picks; they really capture the mood of BTVS well. Transylvanian Concubine by Rasputina is my personal favorite since I’m a huge fan of Drusilla.


  5. Sally says:

    Not bad…but the top of my list is: Ballad For Dead Friends by The Dashboard Prophets…


  6. vinnieh says:

    Great choices, Full of Grace is such an evocative song.


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