Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween Marathon Menu

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What better time to hold a Buffy marathon than Halloween? Whether you’re watching the series with friends and family who’ve seen the show before or complete newbies, I’ve created a vampire themed menu that your guests will absolutely love, in addition to some party ideas. And don’t worry – I specifically made it so that all menu items and ideas are spoiler free for first time viewers. Thus the generic vampire theme.

In terms of what episodes I suggest viewing for your marathon, I think that for first time viewers, you really should watch Season 1. The season is mostly comprised of stand-alone episodes that are cheesy fun, easily accessible and appropriately spooky at times. Plus, only 12 episodes! If you cut out some absolutely unnecessary episodes like Puppet Show or I Robot, You Jane, you can get through the whole season in a night. If you’re watching with people who’ve seen the episodes before, you can mix and match the Buffy Halloween episodes along with some of your personal favorite scary episodes, like Hush.

On to the menu!



I also made a printable menu which you can download and print here, as well as a shopping list found here. (NOTE: IF USING THE SHOPPING LIST ADD SHREDDED CHEDDAR CHEESE TO IT!)

Vampire Pizza

download (1)

I was having a hard time thinking of a main dish. It had to be something that could qualify as easy party food but still stick with the theme without running into overly cutesy territory. So I browsed a few Halloween inspired dishes when I came across Candy Corn Pizza, in which different types of cheeses are used to make pizza slices look like pieces of candy corn. So I thought, why not make those pizza slices into vampire fangs? And Vampire Pizza was born.

Here’s what you have to do: Either make a pizza crust or buy a pre-made one. Buy some sauce and mozzarella cheese. After applying the sauce, cover the pizza in cheese but leave the middle of the pizza untouched, as if to resemble a target. Bake your pizza, and cut into traditional, triangle slices after cooling. See? The pieces look like fangs with a bit of blood on them! How…appetizing…


Make sure to cheese it up thoroughly… as you can see, mine probably would have looked more fang-y if I had put more cheese towards the top edge of the pizza.

Sunnydale Cemetery Taco Dip

(Inspired by Tombstone Taco Dip)

PicMonkey Collage

This is such a great idea that I found on Pinterest. I put the Sunnydale spin on it by printing out the Scoobies, cutting them out and then taping them to toothpicks.


Actually pretty efficient for patrolling since wooden toothpicks = handy vampire slayage

If you have Buffy figures I guess you could always stick them in there instead, if you don’t mind getting Buffy’s stylish yet affordable boots covered in sour cream.

For the graveyard shapes, I cut some tombstones out of paper to act as stencils and cut them out of the tortilla with a pizza cutter and small knife. Note my mom’s handiwork:


I need a close-up on that:


I baked them at 350 for about 8 minutes, until they were all crisped up and hard enough to stand in the dip.

As for the dip itself, you can use whatever Taco Dip recipe you like, but I’ll give you my mom’s recipe because it’s my favorite. You can find it here.I also advise making your dip on a larger, shallow tray because I decided to use a 8 x 8 pan and it led to an overkill on sour cream and cream cheese. Here are a few more pictures of the finished product.




 “Bitten” Cookies

(aka Vampire Cookies from Baking Bites)


Recipe found here.

These cookies are so awesome. I love the pale white contrast with the blood. But as a commenter on the actual recipe mentioned, not all victims of a vampire attack have pale white skin! Mix in some cocoa powder to your batch of cookies to add in a bit of delicious diversity, or get creative with some food coloring.

Now. A few things. You can cut some corners and use pre-made sugar cookie dough or mix, like I did, except I did not get the pale color that I would have liked from the packaged mix like I know I would have using the recipe. Also, as far as filling goes you might actually want to use pie filling. It’ll make your life easier when filling in the holes. I used raspberry preserves and it was chunky and annoying. Maybe that’s because I plopped a huge spoonful on the cookies, which led them to ultimately look like bleeding zits. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. Unappetizing. ANYWAY be sure to kind of smooth out your filling so it doesn’t look like a mini volcano waiting to erupt.

Spike dropped by and made the holes in my cookies for me. It was a very thoughtful gesture.



Blood-Spattered Popcorn 

(From Sugar and Spice)



Recipe found here.

So basically what this recipe comes down to is popcorn tossed in melted butter colored red with food coloring or red icing color . The recipe warns that the coloring will stain your fingers and tongue. Which is always the drawback of working with food coloring. BUT. The popcorn looks damn cool, so it is probably worth it.

If you pop your own popcorn, an alternative is adding a bit of food coloring to the oil. If you pop using white seeds, it’ll give a nice red color to the kernels, and it didn’t stain my fingers this way!

Pretzel Stakes

(Pretzel rods cut at an angle to resemble a stake)


Oh boy. Bear with me on this one because while I still like the idea, my execution kind of sucked. So much that you are not getting a picture of the finished product (I tried to dip them in chocolate but my chocolate wasn’t melted properly so it ended up horrible) but I’m sure you all will live.

What I did was I took pretzel rods and attempted to cut them at an angle so that they looked like stakes. I murdered many pretzels in the process but managed to make a few that looked all right.




And I suppose you could really leave them like that and call it a snack. It’s kind of half assed but your guests may appreciate the simple beauty of it. You could also definitely cover them in chocolate like I attempted to do, but as mentioned I melted it improperly so upon dipping it looked chunky and weird. Ideally I would have liked to cover about half the pretzel in a thin layer of chocolate, before sprinkling some white decorating sugar on the tips as the “vampire dust.” Since they turned out bad, I came up with an alternate stake-ish snack:

Sugar Stakes

(Sugar cones dipped in chocolate and “vampire dust”)


Pictured without vamp dust on tip

What I did here was take some sugar cones and dipped them in chocolate on their bottom and tip. The bottom’s mostly for taste and looks, but you should place some silver/white decorating sugar on the tip of the freshly dipped cone to resemble the “vampire dust.” These are a bit more visually appealing than the pretzel stakes.



They are also fully functional.



Blood Punch

(From the Food Network)

FNM_100112-Vampire-Party-Bloody-Punch-Bowl-Blood-Red-Cherry-Punch-002_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscape (1)


Recipe found here.

This is pretty straight forward. I made it but didn’t take a picture since my punch bowl isn’t cool at all and I was using a soup ladle to serve it…not very picturesque. I can tell you though that it tasted good! The frozen cherries were a nice touch and kept the punch cool. Another thing to add to this punch would be some fang shaped ice cubes.


If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to find a cool ice tray like this at your local Walmart/Target type store, but otherwise you can find them online. I also may or may not be giving away some in my upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween Fan Fiction Contest. (Details on that soon to come!)

Holy Water


Essential to vampire hunting and also to your next Halloween party. Holy Water can be pretty much any clear liquid, from white soda to vodka to just plain water (I also found this recipe). What makes it Holy Water is the packaging. Find some small, clear bottles (you may be able to find corked ones at a craft store, I actually found mini bottles in the travel item section at my local Target for mine). Then print out little Holy Water labels for them and stick them on the bottles before filling with liquid. Your guests will be blown away by your ingenuity. HOW EASY IS THAT?

I also came up with a place setting idea for the drinks. THE FREAKING BRONZE!


Excuse the pink coloring, I didn’t have any other tissue paper!

All you need to create this little stand-up piece to house your Holy Water in is two empty paper towel rolls, a piece of card stock, and cut-out Buffy characters.

bronzing it up

I wrapped and taped the rolls in pink tissue paper because it’s all I had on hand, but you can use whatever color you want! Then I printed out a Bronze sign (from a simple Google image search) and taped it on some card stock before taping that to the tops of the rolls. The glued on characters were the finishing touch!

And there you have it folks! A complete menu to pair with some great Buffy episodes. If anyone attempts to make any of the food mentioned OR if you plan on making some other Buffy themed stuff, I’d more than love for you to share it with me on my Facebook page!

Additionally, don’t hesitate to hit the comments with any questions, suggestions or stories you have. I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Most importantly, if you do end up holding a Buffy marathon and make some food, remember to have fun!! Sometimes cooking/baking can be a tad stressful (especially if you’re a perfectionist in the kitchen like me), but at the end of the day, just remember that no one really cares how stuff looks as long as it tastes good. 🙂




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4 Responses to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Halloween Marathon Menu

  1. Sara says:

    If we actually celebrated Halloween in my country I would definitely do this! I think I’ll just watch the Halloween themed episodes and maybe another one if I have enough time 🙂


  2. Lovely ideas! I would love to do it myself! Great post 😀


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