Buffy the Job Interview Slayer #1: Buffy, Faith, Willow and Xander

buffyinterviewslayerSo I thought it would be fun to see what it would be like if characters from Buffy had to fill out questions for a generic retail job. Today’s installment will feature Buffy, Faith, Willow and Xander! Be sure to vote at the end of the article for who you want to see next.

I have included PDF files of the applications in case you can’t read one of the applications and are desperate to do so.

(I used this job interview question template for this article)


1. Buffy Summers

buffy license


Application PDF: Buffy Summers Application

Buffy Application


2. Faith Lehane

sunnydale faith


Application PDF: Faith Lehane ApplicationFaith Application


3. Willow Rosenberg



Application PDF: Willow Rosenberg Application


Willow Application


4. Xander Harris

xander license


Application PDF: Xander Harris Application

Xander Application





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