Which Buffy Star is the Halloween Queen/King?

Buffy cast members bring the heat for Halloween. Read more to check out some of their best costumes, and vote for who you think deserves the prestigious title of Halloween Queen/King!

1. Seth Green as Harry Potter and The Joker

Let’s start this thing off with Seth Green’s worthy entries: Harry Potter and The Joker! The Joker one is definitely my favorite out of the two, because HARLEY QUINN. Also he did a good job with the Joker makeup and hair, and the pose is on point as well.

seth green as harry potter


seth green as joker

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Madonna

SMG bringing her A game as Madonna circa 1984 VMA’s, I believe. Rockin’ those shades as usual.

smg as madonna


3. Nathan Fillion as Captain Canada

Major points for creativity.

nathan fillion as captain canada

4. Michelle Trachtenberg as Everything Imaginable 

Now we’re bringing in the big guns. Michelle’s Halloween game is professional level. First off we have Michelle as Tim Burton’s Blue Girl (pictured top left).

michelle as blueThen we have a dead on interpretation of Snow White:

michelle as snow


Next up is spooky Marie Antoinette:

michelle as marieA child beauty pageant contestant:

michelle-trachtenberg-pageant-queen-halloween-costume__oPtAnd last but not least some kind of cool spider outfit thing:

michelle as spider queenMajor kudos to Michelle for bringing to life some cool ideas and executing them with major skill.

5. Eliza Dushku as one half of Bonnie & Clyde and Carmen Sandiego 

Eliza had some pretty cool costume pairings with ex-boyfriend Rick Fox.

Creepy Bonnie and Clyde!

CHC-Eliza-DushkuWaldo and Carmen Sandiego with bonus points for Julie Benz and Clare Kramer!


And last but not least we have the always amazing…

6. Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof as Perfection 

These two pretty much own this holiday at this point. I CAN’T HANDLE HOW CUTE THEY ARE!


aly and alexis dragon


aly and alexis scarecrow



That kangaroo one is my all time favorite. GOSH I LOVE THEM.

All right guys, time to vote!












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