The First Annual BTVS Halloween Fan Fiction Contest


Notice how I threw “annual” into the post title to make it sound all official-like? Who knows, maybe it will be annual.

I have received FIVE worthy entries for this wonderful contest. Thank you so much to those who entered. I really appreciate you taking the time to participate and I’m sure others will too as they read and vote on your great stories!

Please read each of the entries before returning to this page to cast your vote! Feel free to leave feedback on the stories as well, and I hope I don’t have to remind you to be civil and respectful. This is about celebrating Buffy, Halloween, and the authors’ hard work. That being said, time to get reading!

1: Scared Scooby by Gilescandy

Description/teaser: Halloween is a quiet night on the Hellmouth, isn’t it? (Takes place Halloween ’98, Season 3.) FRT

Read  more

2: Buffy and Corpse-a-licious by Sherry Soule

Description/teaser : Buffy has dusted vamps and fought demons, but this is one paranormal that she never expected to face…

Read more

3: Squashed by Craig Kurumada

Description/teaser : Pumpkin carving takes on new meaning.

Read more

4: Teenage Kicks by Julian Wines

Description/teaser: The gang gets up to some real classic Scooby fun on Halloween night, of course. G/B, bit of G/other. T-Rating, some drug use, slash.

Read more

5. Halloween Heartbreak by Jenna Wikler

Description/teaser: Giles and Joyce share an otherworldly connection through art. 

Read more


(Open October 19th – October 22nd @ 11:59 PM Central)





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5 Responses to The First Annual BTVS Halloween Fan Fiction Contest

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  3. ckurumada says:

    Nice work, everyone! I enjoyed reading them all! I appreciated the fun plot ideas.


  4. sherry_soule says:

    All really great stories. Everyone did an awesome job.


  5. sherry_soule says:

    May the best writer of Buffy fanfiction win! 😉


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