Top 10 Buffy Episodes According to my Mom

My mom is my Buffy partner in crime, along with my brother. We fell head over heels for the series in the summer of 2013; it consumed our daily lives and we would often use it as motivation to get through the work day knowing a golden episode of television was waiting for us at home. And when I say episode I mean mini marathons of 6 in a row or more. Yes, there were many ill-advised “just one more episode!” nights that ended up with us watching till 2 am knowing full well we had to be up at 6 am the next day. But it was oh so worth it.

When deciding on a post for today, I thought about what I should write. Maybe a list, maybe a review, maybe a new Awkward Poses entry. But asking my mom her favorite episodes of Buffy just seemed much more fun at the moment. I literally just asked her to name her 10 favorite episodes and why she likes them in no particular order and wrote down what she said. Some aren’t actually episodes but she was struggling without being able to see episode names so I let it slide. Enjoy!

moms episodes


10. “The Gentlemen” (aka “Hush”, S4:E10)

It’s creepy without being totally horrific. I could handle it. 



9. “The finale where Spike explodes for a good reason” (aka “Chosen”, S7:E22)

I think…well, it’s good overcoming evil for sure. All that hard work Buffy had to do over the years. Buffy can also finally see how much Spike loves her. HELLO. HE DIED FOR HER. For all Slayers really, but for her. 

graph (2)


8. “Well, I really like Jenny Calender. In general I just really like her. She brings spirit to the characters. I liked Giles better when he was with her.” 



7. “When they all dressed up in those…the Anya one… no the one where they became their costumes.” (aka  “Halloween”, S2:E6)

Because it’s what everyone wants to do once in awhile, become something else for real, even if it’s just for an hour or two. 


Me: “Hey mom, what about an episode with Faith?”

My mom: “Uh, no…”

(My mom does not like Faith at all it is SO funny)


6. “Glory was my favorite. I didn’t like the snake principal, he was an idiot. Her character was witty and funny, with an underlying hint of evil. “



5. “Well…I think this is the worst one, but the one when the mom died.” (aka “The Body”, S5:E16)

Realistic, raw and emotional. Called into account your own mortality. 


4. “I like the Magic Box.”



3. “I like the one where Buffy had that scythe, and Buffy had to jump the pool, and kill all those things to get out.” (I think this is “Touched” mixed with “End of Days”? S7:E:20/21)

I just like that one because she was like, no fear. She had a single goal in mind: to get the scythe. 


“I like the episode where they couldn’t talk…oh that was ‘The Gentlemen’.”


2. “Storyteller” (S7:E:16 – I helped her this time)

I think Andrew is funny and adds that humorous element to an otherwise…I don’t know…intense story and intense situation…intense happenings. 



1. “The one where Willow says ‘bored now’ and rips that guy’s skin off.” (aka “Villians”, S6:E:20)

I liked it, because she’s like EFF ALL OF YOU I’m doing what I want. I think that was my favorite line (“bored now”).


Did you enjoy my mom’s list? What family members do you watch Buffy with? Comment below and let me know! Also be sure to vote if you’d like to see my mom sound off on Buffy again!



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8 Responses to Top 10 Buffy Episodes According to my Mom

  1. jacobsmith16 says:

    I’m also watching it with my mom. I’ve watched both Buffy and Angel alone, so going through it with my mom is interesting to say the least. All the sex stuff is so awkward, but I think it’s funny that your mom doesn’t like Faith, because neither does my mom while I personally really enjoy Faith and sympathize with her. She just wanted friends and to be loved, and her reappearance in season 4 of Buffy and season 1 of Angel really hurts my insides. Her self loathing just breaks my heart. This was a funny list, and I like that your mom remembers “Bored now.” *FLAY*


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  3. sherry_soule says:

    BTW, my teenage son thinks Faith is hot. LOL I liked her and hated her. She was a very complex character and at times I felt sorry for her. And I loved her interactions with the mayor.


  4. sherry_soule says:

    I watched a few episodes with my mom, but it was my son and I who got hooked on Buffy. Now we’re watching “Charmed” on Netflix, then we’ll go back to “Buffy.” I am thinking about watching “Angel” again, and I love that episode where he’s human. So emotional and great dialogue. 😉


    • NoelleKanitz says:

      Ooh that episode is SO good!! Makes me tear up every time at the end. I might have to do an Angel re-watch, I remember only liking the episodes that Faith was in so I feel like I should give it another try as a whole. I’ve never seen Charmed before, I will have to check that out too! Thank the heavens for Netflix. That’s so fun that you watch Buffy with your son; you both have good taste! I’m not sure how old your son is but I have a 16 year old brother who l loves the show. It’s awesome that Buffy is getting introduced to a younger generation because it promotes such positive messages!


  5. Sara says:

    I also watched Buffy with my mom! We borrowed the DVDs from my aunt and now my grandfather has them, so it’s becoming kind of a family thing XD


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