Artist Spotlight #1: Vixetches by Vix



Welcome to the first ever Artist Spotlight, featuring an awesome person I met via Tumblr, Vix. Read through for your chance to enter a survey sweepstakes – you could be one of three lucky winners to win a free sticker designed by Vixetches! Open until 11/11/2014

NOTE: ARTICLE IS SPLIT UP INTO THREE PAGES. WordPress is putting the page numbers under the share buttons at the bottom of the page, don’t know if that’s just me but I’m working on fixing it. In the mean time, look for the page numbers there!

Here’s how it all started. I’ve been obsessed with Redbubble for awhile now. It’s such a great place to find fandom related designs, and you can get them printed on everything from t-shirts to phone cases. What I also like about Redbubble is that all the designs are unique – done by individual artists rather than a static design rolled out in mass by a company. I love websites like Redbubble because I feel better supporting a fellow fan in a more direct way, on top of getting a more individualized and well-thought out product. So there’s my little love letter to Redbubble. Anyway, I was looking for some designs to get some stickers printed for my recently concluded Halloween Fan Fiction Contest to give away as a prize. A design of the Scoobies immediately caught my eye – it was gritty yet smooth, classic and sharp.


Of course, I continued to browse for other cool designs. After awhile, I had whittled down my shopping cart to the aforementioned sticker and an awesome What Would Buffy Do? sticker by Jonathon Measday.

fc,550x550,whiteI ended up buying both because I couldn’t decide between the two.

Later that day, I had decided to contact the artist of the Scooby sticker, Vix, to let her know that I’d be featuring her design in a contest I was running. (If the contact information is available, I’ll always try to let someone know if I’m giving away stuff made by them – I feel weird when I don’t.) She was totally on board with it, but when the stickers came in the mail, I ended up keeping hers for myself and decided to give away the WWBD ones. I know, selfish bastard, right?? Anyway, Vix and I got to talking via Tumblr and we bonded through Buffy. Ever since then, I’ve been wanting to make a post to let others know of her awesome work, and enable them to follow her via social media. And hey, it’s always fun reading about and connecting with fellow fans! Vix was kind enough to answer some questions for us today. Read through for a special giveaway sweepstakes at the end which you can enter by taking a survey!

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?  How did you get into graphic design?

My name is Vix, I’m 19, female and from the UK. I became interested in Graphic Design throughout school, but never really gave it my full attention, as it always came second to my real passion, TV Production (making programmes, not to be confused with making actual TV sets, haha!) which I am in my second year of doing a degree in right now! Despite the TV stuff coming first in my life I still made plenty of time to play around on Photoshop in my spare time, treating Graphics as more of a hobby. As time went on, I really began to become accustomed to the software, and started to test my knowledge by learning new techniques, installing new add on features, fonts, etc and I am still learning new things all the time. In January, my friend Lauren alerted me about Redbubble after seeing me doodle in class; after a few days I decided to give it a shot. Vixetches combines two of my favourite things together: Television (BUFFY!) and Graphic Design.

How long have you been a fan of Buffy? How did you discover the show?

It was actually brought to my attention last summer (2013) by my older sister, Jane, (who has impeccable taste in programmes, though I think that may be hereditary!) just before I started Uni, so I am a relatively new fan. I fell head over heels for the show, and it helped me get through the homesickness and hard times in my first year. I am so grateful to the show and its existence, and have now persuaded (cough, cough, FORCED, cough, haha!) many of my friends to watch it too, including my best friend, Hannah who’s a sucker for some Bangel. She loves and hates me for having put her through that emotional turmoil!


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