The Best of Buffy on Facebook #2: Peace, Love & Sarah Michelle Gellar

buffy on facebook

One may think that running this website, running a Tumblr and Facebook page for The Cynical Slayer, and almost daily re-watches of Buffy would be enough Slayer goodness for me. But as all fans know, you can never have enough Buffy. That being said, I count on a number of Facebook fan pages to provide me with my daily dosage of Buffyverse goodness. Running a Facebook fan page is no small feat, and there are so many quality Buffy ones out there that I want to share with my followers. These posts are dedicated to giving you information about the page administrators, the content that the page entails, and how to follow the page.

Today’s second installment of The Best of Buffy on Facebook is:

Peace, Love & Sarah Michelle Gellar



What They’re All About:

Quite simply: Sarah Michelle Gellar! I don’t even know where to begin with this page…I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. The time and precision the admins devote to their content is unbelievable.

The first thing that you’ll notice when happening upon the page is detail. Peace, Love & SMG boasts over 13,000 photos meticulously organized into very particular albums. You’ll find themed compilations such as, “What’s she thinking?” featuring fun photos for fans to caption, as well as events that SMG has attended, movie and television shots, and much more.


Just a snippet of the plentiful photo albums uploaded and organized by Peace, Love & SMG


If you already think that’s awesome, just wait…it gets better!

In addition to digging up rare and current photos of Sarah, the content that is featured on the page is largely focused on fan interaction. You can tell that the admins value the community of SMG fans – for every photo, quote, trivia bit, etc. that is posted, it is guaranteed that a fun little discussion will follow. The admins are always there to interact with fans and answer questions about Sarah that people have. The things that are posted daily on the page are always a mix of old and new, movies and television, commercials and award show snippets, and more. It’s especially great for people who’ve only seen SMG in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; the page does a great job providing you with all the information you need on all projects of Sarah’s. Though Buffy is her most iconic role, she’s turned in some equally amazing work in other projects. The details that the administrators provide are just wonderful. Take this recent post for instance:

post example

Not only do they provide you with a screenshot of the SMG film Veronika Decides To Die, but also the song that played during the scene and links to the song. The info-packed post makes it easy for fans to discover something new about Sarah’s film and is equally interesting to people who may have seen the film already.

Sarah’s long and successful career provides the admins with lots of content to work with, but because of the sheer volume of things she has appeared in and worked on, it can make for quite a daunting task. However, they always seem to find the perfect balance of content to keep fans engaged and happy. Seriously; they dig up gems like old SMG Maybelline commercials.

Peace, Love and SMG also keeps you updated on Sarah’s latest projects and appearances, and they go out of their way to transcribe things like #AskSMG Twitter events for people who don’t have a Twitter account. The admins create a great sense of community. It’s the kind of page that will keep existing SMG fans extremely happy and turn a casual onlooker into a serious fan.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this page is the complete respect the admins and fans have for Sarah. The page has a rule in which they never  post paparazzi photos because SMG does not like them. I love that in a day and age where people think they are completely entitled to celebrities personal lives, Peace, Love and SMG steers clear of posting anything that intrudes on Sarah and her family’s privacy.

In conclusion, I will forever admire this page and the people that run it. I can safely say that it is the best fan page devoted to a single actress that I have ever seen. The content is top notch and meticulously detailed and the admiration and respect for Sarah Michelle Gellar herself is clear. It’s everything a fan page should be and promotes such positivity. The name Peace, Love and Sarah Michelle Gellar couldn’t be more fitting. Hats off to the page administrators for being honorable fans and hardworking individuals. I thank you for your unbelievable contributions to the fan community.

I think if Sarah herself were to ever stumble upon the page, I have a feeling that she would be very proud indeed.

Be sure to follow Peace, Love & Sarah Michelle Gellar today! (Click on images to open link in new window)

llffff lllff

Continue on to the next couple of pages to read some very insightful Q & A’s with the page administrators! 


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