The Essential Buffy the Vampire Slayer Holiday Wish List

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‘Tis the season everyone! Since we can’t all have Angel popping out of gift box,


I’ve decided to create a wish list for Buffy fans for the holidays. Since mostly every item can only be purchased online, rather than make a document for you to print I made a shareable online wishlist including links to all the items listed in this post so you can shop and share with friends easier. You can find it here, the button will take you to a new window:

My wishlist

When compiling ideas for this post, I tried to find unique items that most fans might not have. This list would be useless if I just listed things like “Buffy DVDs” or “Season 8 comics”. Hell no, man. I’m including 23 different gift ideas that absolutely any Buffy fan will love. I’ve sorted them into 3 price intervals for your convenience. (However, shipping and handling is not included in the cost because it varies by area.) Happy browsing!!

5 15

1. BTVS Christmas Collection Holiday Cards by Vixetches

Price: $3.20 for a 4″ x 6″ greeting card, $4.80 for a 5″ x 7.5″ greeting card, and $2.56 for a 4″ x 6″ postcard

Who wouldn’t love an adorable Buffy Christmas card? Especially because that “sleighing” pun is so great. Buffy would be proud.

2. Five by Five Penny

Price: $5.00 


This gift is perfect for a Faith fan. Her signature phrase is etched into a penny and can be made as a necklace, key chain or cell phone charm. I can personally vouch for this item; I ordered mine as a necklace (it comes with a dog tag style standard chain) so I just replaced the chain with a nice silver one I had, and it’s awesome. Another great perk of this product is that you can pick the year of the penny that you want printed. I picked 1999 since that’s when Faith arrived in Sunnydale. Overboard? NEVER. Lastly, the penny comes in a cute little bag perfect for gift giving.

3. BTVS Character Teas

Price: Varies; you can order it as part of a promo kit, as a 3 ounce pouch, or 5 ounce tin. For the “Tara Tea” pictured, it’s $2 for the promo kit, $10 for the pouch, and $19 for the tin.


Tara tea blend; a mix of chamomile, honeybush tea, rooibos tea, natural vanilla flavor, raspberries, strawberries, and natural forest berries flavors

Yes, there is actually a website where fans can create tea blends based off of their favorite fandoms and characters. And yes, it is AMAZING. While I have never personally ordered tea from here before, I just might have to this holiday season.There’s a couple different Buffy character mixes available right now, so be sure to look around! And the best part? YOU CAN PAIR THE TEAS IN A SHIP:


4. Sunnydale High Class of ’99 Ring

Price: $9.95



Made from solid pewter and Maroon stone, this ring is PROOF that you survived Graduation Day.

5. BTVS Vinyl Pop Figures 

Price: $9.99


Angel & Buffy Pop Figures

Collect Angel, Buffy, Spike, Willow, Oz and one of the Gentlemen for a great price! These things are adorable. And, if you have the collection already, try searching the ‘net for exclusives like Vampire Spike, Wishverse Willow and Battle Buffy! (Can be found from a quick Google search – will be pricier though!)

6. Chocolate Poster

Price: $9.98 for a 24 x 36 poster


Turn your room into Buffy and Willow’s dorm!


This is an especially good gift if the person in question loves Buffy AND chocolate.

7. Dingoes Ate My Baby Guitar Pick

Price: $11.00


This nickel silver guitar pick is perfect for a “Dingoes” groupie and Oz fan.

8.  BTVS 2015 Wall Calendar 

Price: $13.39


Keep track of the days with Buffy & Co.

9: Spike: Into the Light Graphic Novel by James Marsters

Price: Digital Copy: $12.99, Print Copy: $13.49

23934A graphic novel set DURING SEASON 7 so fans who haven’t read the Season 8 comics and onward do not need to be scared. Plus, it’s written by James Marsters so this is a gift sure to make a Spike fan do this:


15 30

10. Claddagh Ring

Price: $16.95 if you buy the set from TV Merchandise, more expensive if you decide to shop elsewhere for a high quality ring.

82202__23336.1409264876.1280.1280A sterling silver ring that is stylish and SYMBOLIZES BUFFY AND ANGEL’S ETERNAL LOVE.

11. 2008 PaleyFest BTVS Cast Reunion DVD

Price: $14.99


A REUNION LIKE THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED SINCE 2008. I mean, yeah you can watch it on Youtube in parts, but it’s not the same as owning a piece of nostalgia like this. The only people missing that should probably be there are Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Stewart Head, David Boreanaz, and Eliza Dushku. WAY TO BE, GUYS.

12. Unaired Pilot DVD

Price: $15.00


Again, this is something you can watch on Youtube. But this is the type of gift you can give to the Buffy fan who has everything, because I guarantee they don’t have this on DVD! Keep in mind this was not officially made and probably just ripped straight from Youtube onto a disc (the listing itself says the quality is a 6/10), but it’s not like a real edition of this is ever going to come out. Plus the case is pretty.

13. Buffy: The Making of a Slayer by Nancy Holder

Price: $19.99 new


This book was published in 2012 for Buffy’s 15th anniversary, so you can bet it’s pretty damn cool. It’s 176 pages chock full of behind the scenes photos, rare facts, and much more including an envelope holding 13 spell and prophecies used on the show.



14.  Joss Whedon: The Biography by Amy Pascale 

Price: $21.81 new


Just recently published in August, this beautiful book chronicles Joss Whedon’s life and career. It will look great on your coffee table and will also teach you LIFE LESSONS PROBABLY.

15. Willow Pillow by Vixetches 

Price: $20.17 for a small 16″ x 16″ COVER ONLY, $27.49 for the same size cover AND insert, medium and large sizes available also

tpr,875x875,s.6u4This is just everything you’ve ever wanted in life. Cuddle up with a hot mocha, a good book and your Willow Pillow!

 16. BTVS Omnibus Volumes

Price: $22.49 NEW, can be found used at places like Amazon for cheaper.


I hesitate to include Season 8 and onward comics on this list, because as I said before, most fans already either have Season 8, 9 and 10 of the BTVS comics or they just flat out don’t want them, like me. I have yet to have the desire to pick up post Season 7 comics. Anyway, these Omnibus volumes are much more accessible and interesting to all fans. They chronicle the adventures of the Scoobies and their allies and enemies throughout the 7 seasons of the television show; it’s all of the Dark Horse Buffy comics in 7 chronological volumes.

17. BTVS Pieceworks Cards

Price: Varies; can really only be found on Ebay so the more popular the character and rarer the clothing article, the higher the price, expect to spend $20 + for a good card.


Buffy Doublemeat Palace Uniform Pieceworks card

Each card features a piece of an actual costume worn on-screen during Buffy the Vampire Slayer! These aren’t actually for sale anymore so you can only get them through Ebay – be sure to browse around as you will most definitely find a card for you favorite characters! There’s even some pairing ones too (Willow + Tara and Xander + Anya are ones I saw).

18. Buffy Summers Phone Case

Price: Varies by phone model (Iphones 4-6 and Galaxys S3-S5) and case type (snap, tough or skin). The pictured phone is an Iphone 6 Snap case for $25.00


Buy this sweet case. Then, excuse yourself  and call everyone you’ve ever met RIGHT NOW to tell them how great your phone case is.

19. Sunnydale High T-Shirt

Price: Varies by style but minimum $25.31

fig,red,womens,ffffff.u2RAZORBACK PRIDE PEOPLE. Wear it proud.

30 and up

20. The Bronze Hoodie

Price: $49.30 for pullover, $52.52 for zip-up style


Show your love for “the only club worth going to.”

21. BTVS  Blanket

Price: $64.95 for a “74 x “38 inch woven cotton blanket


Remember how I was talking about curling up with the hot mocha and your Willow Pillow? Why not be EXTRA BUNDLED with a Buffy blanket?? There are three different styles (A Buffy season 1 blanket,  Buffy and Angel blanket, and then a cast blanket that unfortunately leaves out key cast members), all “woven with individual colors and not printed”. Quite worth the price tag!

22. Yummy Sushi Pajamas

Price: $90.00 for full set (top and bottoms)

yummy sushi414_GoodbyeIowa2

Be commanding in your very own pair of Yummy Sushi Pajamas.

23. The Chosen Collection

Price: $172.95 new, but you can find used collections for half that price.



Okay, so The Chosen Collection (Seasons 1-7) doesn’t feature any new special features or anything like that on the DVD discs themselves. The thing that makes this collection cool is the cast picture that the DVD sleeves make and the episode listing book that it comes with. The box itself is also mighty stylish. Check out this Youtube video to see how, exactly, this collection is visually different from the The Complete Series set. A good and rare gift to buy for people who collect different editions of DVDs!

That’s all for now! Hope you found some interesting items on this list, and again, here is the button for the online wish list (for convenience’s sake):

My wishlist

Have another item to add to the Buffy Holiday Wish List? Hit the comments and share with the community!!





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2 Responses to The Essential Buffy the Vampire Slayer Holiday Wish List

  1. Sara says:

    I want all of this!!! But I don’t think the websites ship to Europe or do they?


    • NoelleKanitz says:

      Okay, so I personally checked all of the websites for the items and I have good news. They ALL ship internationally!! The only exception would be the Pieceworks card, since that depends on individual Ebay sellers. Lastly, the only item that shipped to a specific amount of countries was the Yummy Sushi Pajamas, which only ship to the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

      Hope that helps 🙂


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