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What to Watch After Buffy #2: The Legend of Korra

How do you beat the Buffy Hangover? How can you remedy¬†the seemingly endless period in which you are in a perpetual state of Buffy-induced unrest, unable to find another television show that can measure up to the golden standard of … Continue reading

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Top 15 Times Tara Maclay Was Amazing

In honor of Amber Benson’s birthday today, here is a list compiling the Top 15 Times that Tara Maclay was amazing. Keep in mind that my definition of “amazing” is very broad. It could stand for bad ass, adorable, funny, … Continue reading

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Popular New Year’s Resolutions As Told By Buffy the Vampire Slayer Characters

New Year’s Resolutions are pretty much a joke, but it’s the thought that counts. Regardless, the Buffy cast aims to inspire us: #1 Even if it’s in your dreams.¬†

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