The Best of Buffy on Facebook #3: Fuffy Forever

buffy on facebook

 Running a Facebook fan page is no small feat, and there are so many quality Buffy ones out there that I want to share with my followers. These posts are dedicated to giving you information about the page administrators, the content that the page entails, and how to follow the page.

Today’s third installment of The Best of Buffy on Facebook is:

Fuffy Forever


 What They’re All About

Fuffy Forever is THE one stop shop for any Fuffy (the pairing of Buffy/Faith) fan. When I say there’s no other like it on Facebook, I mean it. Besides some small Facebook groups with a handful of members (and most inactive), you’d be hard pressed to find a Facebook community dedicated specifically to the Slayers. This in itself makes Fuffy Forever unique, but there’s much more to the page than that. The timeline is consistently updated with plenty of pictures and edits sure to please any fan of the Chosen Two. The admins also take the time to curate content pertaining to both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Eliza Dushku to share with followers of the page. In addition to being an active, engaging and fun page, I’d also like to point out that Fuffy Forever is instrumental in stoking the Fuffy flames – as the admins discuss in the Q & A below, there’s multiple reasons why this non-canon ship still piques so much interest, but it’s pages like Fuffy Forever that keep the ship alive by providing a creative outlet for Fuffy fans, and a way to share content and opinions with fellow shippers. Read the Q & A with the admins for some more insight on the page as well as some fun Faith/Buffy related questions!

Meet the Admins: Winston, Sam, Angel and Emma

Time for a fun Q & A with some of the page admins. The questions from me (N) will be in bold, and the admins answers will follow, differentiated by the letter of their name. Note: There are more admins active on the page then interviewed but were not able to complete a Q&A. 

N: This question is for the page creator, Emma. What inspired you to start the page?

E: I created the page because there was not many pages on Facebook dedicated to Fuffy and they are my OTP; I ship them more then any other couple. I wanted to share the Fuffy love with others and interact with other fans who also ship them as much as myself.

N: What makes your fan page unique?

W: It is strictly guided towards Buffy and Faith.

S:  I like the fact that we strictly focus on Buffy, Faith and other related Fuffy things.

A: I think what makes us unique is the fact that we are the ONLY page entirely dedicated to Fuffy (sure, I’ve seen one or two groups, but they are practically dead). We make original edits – I know we don’t have too many, but we have a lot of content that has originated from Fuffy Forever (I do try to make memes or edits whenever I get the chance). Plus, Emma (page creator and fellow admin) has made the Snickers edits (found here and here) which are AWESOME, and a Fuffy picture story!! Our caption contests – also a form of ‘originality’ (though we haven’t done one in over a week) are usually running almost constantly. No other page does them as often as we do – some don’t do them at all. It’s very engaging for the fans and whenever we have asked what they would like to see more of, we often get responses like ”more caption contests”.

E: There is no other Fuffy page dedicated to their relationship and shipping them as a couple. Fuffy are a unique non-canon couple and we have great admins who are always thinking of ideas to make the page enjoyable for our fans such as quizzes/edits/confessions.

N: What are your top 3 Fuffy moments?

W:  The Graduation Day fight, Buffy’s speech in Consequences (where she said she’d cry for an innocent bystander), and the entire episode of Bad Girls!


S: Their fights in This Year’s Girl, their dancing in Bad Girls and Buffy giving Faith the scythe in Chosen.


A: ONLY THREE? (Can I not just say everything? Every single moment? The good and the bad!?) If I must though…the entire episode of Bad Girls, both forehead kisses, and their bonding moment in End of Days.


E: The heart at the window and the sexy dancing that follows in The Bronze from Bad Girls, Buffy giving Faith the scythe in Chosen, and Faith coming to Buffy’s house for Christmas in Amends.


N: WARNING: BUFFY SEASON 8 SPOILERS AHEAD! A lot of fans were angered that in the comics, Buffy decided to sleep with a female Slayer (Satsu) that wasn’t Faith. They felt that if Buffy was to experiment with any one, it should have been Faith. What are your thoughts on this?


Buffy & Satsu from S8, Issue #12

W: N/A – I’m not really a Fuffy shipper in that I want them to be together, but I love their dynamic.

S: I agree 100 percent that it should have been Faith. Personally I feel that the season 8 writers and Joss purposely wrote Satsu as a way to say “fuck you” to the Fuffy shippers, which is pretty damn cruel.

A: I am super pissed about that because the writers and the girls had put in the ground work from way back with all the subtext, and it is literally the ONLY thing that would have made sense. I feel like sleeping with Satsu was out of character for Buffy. I just don’t see how they could have looked anywhere else for Buffy’s first lesbian experience than Faith. SO FRUSTRATING…

E: Satsu just came in the picture and was not a part of Buffy’s life as long as Faith. Faith and Buffy have known each other for years and Buffy should have slept with her not Satsu. Faith and Buffy were the only two slayers before the potentials came into the picture and became slayers. Faith has a connection with Buffy that no one else has.

N: What are some of your favorite Fuffy fan art pieces?

S: I really dig this one (also a favorite of fellow admin Emma):


By mistix – please click image for source

E: I love the whole Buffy vs. Faith here, and it is drawn beautifully. I also the love the episode their outfits are from:


click image for source

I love this one because Faith is my favorite character and I love how she is stating that it’s about her for once and being a little rebel at the same time 🙂 :


By Jo Chen, click image for source


N: Do you have any Fuffy fan fiction recommendations?


W: Bad Bad Girls

E: Want, Take, Have is quite short and sweet; however, I love that the reader can picture this story continuing on from the scenes in Bad Girls.

Another is Champagne. It’s a one-shot that pulls you in and is very descriptive with some sexy smutty Fuffy 🙂

N: Why is Faith better for Buffy rather than Spike or Angel? Also, why is Buffy good for Faith?


W: Faith and Buffy have an underlying link which is the Slayer line. Let’s forget Kendra; Buffy and Faith are the only 2 true slayers around and they have a great depth to their friendship/hatred towards each other.

S: While I do ship Bangel and do like to dabble in Spuffy every once in a while since I love the characters in that ship, there’s no denying the connection that Buffy and Faith had. Aside from the obvious Slayer ties, they both had similar backgrounds of not so good childhoods, plus they both had demons they had to overcome. As for why they’re perfect for each other, well, aside from the connection I just mentioned, there’s the subtext. My god, the subtext! You could write a whole book just about the subtext alone. And like Angel (fellow admin) mentions, they had both matured to the point that their friendship could have bloomed into a relationship. They were also a nice balance to each other as Faith was the alternate future Buffy without the friends and family to back her up.

A: While I ship the hell out of Spuffy, Faith and Buffy just make perfect sense to me. They have a true connection that goes beyond what anyone can understand and anyone would be blind to say they can’t see it. Angel and Spike both made for amazing relationships – Angel being her first love also being very romantic – then Spike becoming her first mature relationship in season 7. I can honestly see Fuffy having the same relationship that Spuffy had and I think if the writers would have gone for it, it would have worked out just as well if not better for them to have used Faith instead of Spike as Buffy’s love interest. (How epic would all the season 6 Spuffy scenes have been if they were Fuffy – not that I didn’t enjoy the Spuffy goodness either, lol). When things were going well you could see the amazing bond/friendship that was forming between the two Slayers and you just know that if they had the chance they would have discovered that they’re soul mates – the perfect two!!!! Bangel were unable to maintain a friendship, Spuffy became friends after the the fact (although they were always something more). I can see Fuffy building a relationship from a friendship in the most beautiful and natural way (which anyone can see was happening prior the incident in Bad Girls) and it would be AMAZING !! – I’m sinking into my thoughts and melting away…..

Oh, and I believe that Buffy is good for Faith for the same reason that I believe Faith is good for Buffy. They started out as complete opposites and I think they could have kept each other grounded/ in check and found a healthy balance between their two lifestyles (if things didn’t get so dark maybe it could have worked). By season 7 you can see that they had both changed and grown from their life experiences during the time that they were apart. By that point they were on the same wave length. Maybe they weren’t ready for each other in season 3 but by season 7 they had matured and gained a new found respect and understanding for each other which would have been the perfect foundation to extend on their already formed connection and ultimately build a relationship.

E: Angel and Buffy were a doomed romance that would never work and her and Spike were complicated many times. Buffy needs someone who can understand her and what it feels like to be a Slayer. Faith and Buffy are like yin and yang; they belong together and if their relationship was given half a chance it would have worked. They have a lot of chemistry and understand each other in ways no one else can.

N: Have you ever met either Sarah Michelle Gellar or Eliza Dushku in real life? If not, if you could only meet one, who would it be and why? (I know, hardest question ever)

W: I would say Eliza would be better because SMG refuses to do any comic cons, and I get the feeling that she can’t be bothered to see any of her fans…. I don’t even know people who have bumped into her, and Alyson Hannigan said she’d never work with her again. Eliza wins easy!


Winston you are killing SMG!

S: I haven’t met any either yet. But if I had to choose, I would go with Sarah Michelle Gellar because as several of my friends have joked time and time again, she’s my girl!


A: I haven’t met either of them sadly. But if I could only meet one then my answer would be VERY easy: Eliza Dushku, no questions asked! She is my favorite actress.



E: I have not met Eliza or Sarah but if I had to meet one it would be Eliza Dushku. Faith is my favorite fictional character ever and Eliza did an amazing job portraying her. She is a very talented but underrated actress. 


N: Even though the show has been off the air for 10+ years, there is still a large number of Fuffy shippers out there, which is remarkable since the ship has never become canon in any way. What is it about the ship that makes it able to withstand the test of time?

W: Because even though they had a lot of chemistry, it was never ever explored so people always have a “what if?” scenario. When I first watched Buffy, I was team Bangel… that was 17 years ago, and now that I’ve grown up and watched it with different eyes, I prefer Spuffy-but because Buffy and Faith NEVER got together, it’s in my imagination and I love it.

S:  I think the thing that does make the ship work after all these years is the fact that it is non-canon, which opens the door for tons of fan videos, fan art, etc. And not to mention like I said before, the subtext is amazing as it’s obvious at times yet the writers decided to be sneaky and never go ahead with it.

A: That connection between them is simply UNDENIABLE!! It’s withstood the test of time because no amount of time will ever be able to take away the fact that they’re perfect for each other. Also the power of the imagination my friend! Being a non-canon couple, there will always be endless possibilities of what could have been, leaving the direction of their relationship in our hands, and often that can be really exciting and keep the flame burning. From that we get LOTS of Fuffy fan fiction, fan-made edits & videos…YAY!

E: Buffy and Faith are forever in my mind and even though they are not in comics much together, they are both very strong characters with amazing chemistry and memories on screen. Several things such as YouTube videos and fan fiction makes my ship keep on moving as I know that Fuffy will always live on, even if many people may have moved on from the TV show. My page also reminds me every day that my ship can last any length of time, as I will always believe in Fuffy and how they should have ended up together.


And that concludes the Q & A! Hope all you Fuffy lovers enjoyed it 🙂 A big thank you to Emma, Winston, Angel and Sam for being gracious enough to answer the questions. I love hearing your commentaries and opinions, and fellow fans do as well! Be sure to follow Fuffy Forever on social media today, and follow page creator Emma on Pinterest for access to an awesome Fuffy board!!

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