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The Best Buffy Theme Covers

Violin, Ukulele, Piano, you name it. Buffy fans are mucho talented. In order by instrument: 8 BIT COVER

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Christmas Countdown BTVS Style #1: Stocking Stuffers

Brightening your holiday season with a Buffy Christmas post every day ending on Christmas day. Today’s first installment is: JOYCE FILLING SEASON 3 SCOOBY GANG STOCKINGS!

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Top 10 Buffy Episodes According to my Mom

My mom is my Buffy partner in crime, along with my brother. We fell head over heels for the series in the summer of 2013; it consumed our daily lives and we would often use it as motivation to get … Continue reading

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S1: E5: “I’m Buffy, and You’re History.”

The way I review theses episodes are as if I am sitting right next to you, watching the episode. Basically commentary. Essentially an overview rather than a review.  I’m not going to give a synopsis because to me, Buffy episodes … Continue reading

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Buffy Stars in Awkward Poses #2: Sarah Michelle Gellar

Oh SMG. We are well aware that you are extremely good looking. But even the finest looking person in the universe can look, shall we say, not so fine in the hands of a photographer with a vision. And by vision I … Continue reading

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