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Fan Spotlight #4: Jill Robi of Whedon World and Fangirl

Welcome to the next installment of my Spotlight series, in which I chat with awesome Buffy fans and share their work and story with the BTVS community. Today, please give a warm welcome to Jill Robi, lifelong Buffy fan, and fan … Continue reading

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Top 10 Dances in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Scoobs know how to get down. I’m not including stuff from OMWF because then the list would be full of it and THAT’S NOT REALLY FAIR IS IT. 10. The Snoopy Dance (5×03) Mostly here because of it’s popular … Continue reading

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What Would Buffy Drink? A list of Buffy characters and their corresponding sodas

This is my idea of fun.     Buffy Summers: Buffy would definitely drink Cherry Coke. Regular Coke is too boring for Buffy, so she enjoys the twist of cherry.   Faith Lehane: And since Buffy drinks Cherry Coke, that, of … Continue reading

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Buffy Brawl: Team Edition: Buffy and Spike VS Faith and Angel

THE ULTIMATE BATTLE Contending Team Number One: Buffy and Spike Buffy: Slayers powers plus years of training and discipline. Technique and imagination will give Buffy an edge, as will her perseverance and level head. Spike: With two murdered Slayers under his … Continue reading

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